foam crown molding

Foam Crown Molding

If you need to dress up your home or office, foam crown moldings are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of class. Whether you're looking for a design that is very simple or very ornate, you can save a lot of time, effort and energy by using Foam Factory’s fine foam crown moldings. When compared to wood, molded urethane like Fypon or Focal Point, or even precast concrete, the low cost and easy installation will amaze you. Foam Molding works wonders for interior or exterior applications and is available in straight, curved or bendable formats to create a customized appearance

Easy Installation of Foam Crown Molding

Foam crown molding is one of the easiest-to-install moldings in the industry. Their lighter weight and easier installation process means you have lower overall labor costs. This type of molding is quickly becoming a regular feature from discerning architects who understand that their clients want an awesome appearance on a reasonable budget.

foam crown molding for bedroom foam crown moldings

Additional Benefits of Foam Crown Molding

Easy on The Wallet

Because foam crown molding is so easy to install, your job can realize up to 40% savings on installation costs alone, with many homeowners seeing their costs cut in half. How can foam crown moldings be so different in installation costs? You don't need to add support structure as you might with heavy wood trim. You also don't need as many people helping with each piece due to its lighter weight.

A Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Crown Molding

Wood molding requires timber, often cut from forests. By using a foam crown molding in your home, you're helping keep our environment healthy for future generations. Because foam crown molding can be finished to a number of different appearances and textures, you can recreate a variety of international wood finishes without endangering the source.

foam crown molding foam crown moldings by Foam Factory

Crown Molding Builds Character to Your Home

Our durable moldings will provide many years of reliable service, never needing to be replaced. When you need to create individuality in your home, foam crown moldings are an awesome way to make it happen.

Get More Out of Foam Crown Molding

Standard wooden crown moldings don't do well outdoors, whether it's because of rain, cold, humidity or any number of other factors that can affect your molding's performance. Foam crown molding is designed to be used indoors or outdoors, providing you with huge flexibility in your design options.

foam crown molding by Foam Factory foam crown molding by Foam Factory

Foam crown molding does the same job or better for a lot less money than traditional crown molding. More and more, today's contractors, home designers and decorators are turning to foam crown molding and other foam products to create beautiful homes, inside and out.

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Our foam products are computer-cut, which is faster than molding, so production time is faster. All of our products are “MADE IN THE USA” as opposed to some of our competitors.

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