Foam Packaging for Products

The Foam Packaging Division’s engineer has over 40 years experience as an Industrial Engineer specializing in Foam and Corrugated Packaging. Foam Factory fabricates, hot wire cuts, die cuts and laminates Polystyrene Foam, Polyethylene Foam and Polyurethane Foam. Custom Products in the electronics industry, glass products, and “black boxes”, industrial containers for shipping food products, seafood, medical serums, blood, human organs, plants and many other items are no problem for our engineering and design staff. Anti-Stat and Conductive Foams are an everyday occurrence for us.



Wax Coated Boxes – Cascade or Curtain Coated
We also supply Foam Liners to fit all boxes molded or cut to any size.

Custom Sizes made to your specifications.
Our State-of-the Art Technology saves you time and money!



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