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Blue Paint Grade Interior Molding - a highly dense foam material that can be painted or stained (non-oil).

Smooth Interior - Paint Grade Foam - looks like Wood and is easy to install. Available in a variety of sizes from small to large with a savings from 50% to 75% less than large wood moldings. For Interior Use Only.

Smooth Tough Coat - gives a strong, yet smooth finish to EPS Foam. Great for Columns and Moldings. Perfect for Faux Finishers. For Interior Use Only.

Smooth Coat - a Smooth Tough Coat with Smooth Stucco on top of the EPS Foam. Looks Like Fypon, Spectus and other Molded Urethane Architectural Smooth products. Since it requires no mold to make the product, our Smooth Coat usually costs 30% to 40% less.

Stonecast - a great alternative to Precast Concrete, Arcusstone and Fiberglass, this Composite Resin looks like concrete but weighs 1/5 the weight making installation much easier. Resulting in installation cost savings of as much as 75% to 80%.

Sand Finish - a sand finish over our “tough coat.”

Patch Finish - a “knock-down” look over our “tough coat.”

Cut Coral - a coral-like finish over our “tough coat” with a Mediterranean look.

Trowel Coral - a trowel coral-like finish over our “tough coat.”

Pecky Cypress Sheets - looks exactly like real Pecky Cypress Wood at a much lower cost. The same holds true for our Pecky
Cypress Brackets. A Clear Polyurethane Ultra Violet Protection Coating must be applied to product if used outdoors.

Simulated Wood Beams and Wood Brackets - looks just like the real thing but are much lighter and easier to ship and install and cost much less. A Clear Polyurethane Ultra Violet Protection Coating must be applied to product if used outdoors.

Tough Coat - a hard urethane finish which saves extra steps when installing “raw foam.” Product must be primed/re-primed before Synthetic Stucco or coatings are applied. Product must never be installed outside without synthetic stucco covering it.

Bendable Flex - Moldings Custom Made to Any Size or Shape.

Colors available in White, Beige 959, or Two-Tone 959/953.


It is the responsibility of the Customer to test all products applied to any of Foam Factory’s products. If there is any failure to the product applied or if the product applied caused damage to Foam Factory’s product, it is the responsibility of the customer to fix or replace all products Purchased.

For exterior application the appropriate mechanical fasteners should be used per the manufacturers wind load tables.
A qualified installer should install all products. When using any products for installation, please follow the required instructions of the manufacturer.

Foam Factory is not responsible for and does not warranty seams or joints. It is the responsibility of the installer or customer to install properly, choose the correct caulk or adhesive and test all products. All joints and seams or any exposed areas must be caulked to prevent water intrusion.

Note - No Petroleum or Oil Based Paints, Glues, or Caulking should be used on Foam Products.




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