Architectural Foam Building Products

Products are available in sand, cut-coral, patch, wood-like finishes and paintable surfaces. They are light weight, easy to install and come in standard or custom shapes. Large quantities can be turned out quickly saving time and money.


Material and Coated Finishes

Interior Moulding - Blue Paint Grad Interior Molding

Tough Coat
- a hard urethane finish which saves extra steps when installing “raw foam.” All Tough Coated products must be covered with a Synthetic Stucco. Product must never be installed outside without a protective coating over it. Product must be primed/re-primed before Synthetic Stucco is applied.

Smooth Tough Coat
- a synthetic stucco hard smooth urethane finish. Product must never be installed outside without a protective coating over it and must be primed before coating is applied.


Smooth Coat – Moldings, Columns, Brackets, Medallions etc are available with a tough coat plus a Smooth Stucco finish ready to install inside or outside.


Simulated Wood Beams & Brackets - a polyurethane ultraviolet protection coating must be applied to product.


Sand Finish - a sand finish over our “tough coat.”


Patch Finish - a “knock-down” look over our “tough coat.”


Cut Coral - a coral-like finish over our “tough coat” with a Mediterranean look.


Trowel Coral - a trowel coral-like finish over our “tough coat.”

Colors available in White, Beige 959, or Two-Tone 959/953.


Stone Cast - a light weight resin-composite material which can replace pre-cast concrete.

Note - No Petroleum or Oil Based Paints, Glues, or Caulking should be used on Foam Products.

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