Architectural Stone Cast

Great New Product is super strong yet very lightweight moldable composite resin.  It is an ideal alternative for Arcustone, GFRG, GFRC or other precast concrete architectural trim materials.  Stonecast has an extremely high strength to weight ratio and is very easy to install in difficult places or when dealing with large or heavy profiles.  Virtually any size product can be made.  Stonecast is very competitively priced, but the big savings in this material is the huge savings in labor to install.  Often a 75% installation savings as the product weighs only 1/5 the weight of precast.  Free samples are available upon request at 


An Alternative to Pre-Cast Concrete
• Stone Cast looks and feels like Pre-Cast but is 1/5th the weight!!
• Stone Cast is hard and durable like Pre-Cast!!
• Faster Production and Delivery Time!!
• 100% Cure Time in only 24 Hours!!
• Easy Installation Saves up to 75% on Installation Costs!!




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