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Faux Wood Beams

High-density urethane foam (faux wood) beams have become the de facto architectural detail of choice for homeowners and builders. Faux wood beams will add
character and warmth to a home at a fraction of the cost compared to using organic wood, and without depleting the earth's natural resources.
Decorative faux wood beams will make a room feel cozy, dramatic, rustic and elegant, depending on the size, hue and texture of the faux wood logs used.

Installation Ease of Faux Wood Beams

Because foam products are far lighter than actual lumber, they are far easier to install. No need for a team of professionals to install real wood beams.
Instead, a single trained installer can handle the task of installing faux wood ceiling beams. Simulated wood weighs a fraction of actual timber.
Because of its light weight, it is not only easier to install, it's safer to position. No need to worry about hundreds of pounds crashing down on your
guests’ heads due to lack of structural support for heavy wood beams.

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More Reasons to Use Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams are Budget Friendly

Faux wood ceiling beams are also considerably less costly than natural wood. With simulated products, costs can be slashed in half or more.
When foam wood beams are purchased in larger volumes, the savings can be even greater. Since fewer workers will be needed to hoist the
lightweight joists, manpower costs will be reduced, as well.


No trees are sacrificed in the making of faux wood beams. Although these planks look like real wood, they're actually made from highly-dense
polyurethane painted with natural hues and real wood grain texture. By selecting simulated wood building materials, the earth's forests remain protected.
Choosing foam helps to save the planet's natural resources.

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Faux Wood Lasts Longer

Natural lumber can be harmed by water, weather, and pests, while artificial wood isn't bothered by any of these things. You don't have to worry about termite
infestations with faux building products. In addition to being extremely durable, faux wood beams require minimal maintenance. Real wood needs constant care
to withstand the test of time, but simulated wood beams need only minor attention after placement.

Simulated Wood Beams Give Character

Many of today's modern homes lack the character of earlier homes. In addition to fake wood ceiling beams, homeowners and builders can add character to
a home by installing crown molding, shutters, doorway trim and window accents all made of tough urethane. Architectural details can give a previously plain

interior or exterior a very unique personality.

fake wood beams, fake wooden beams fake wood beams, fake wooden beams

There's no need to harvest joists or planks from the earth's dwindling woodlands. Faux wood beams can do the same job or better for a lot less money.
More and more, today's contractors, home designers and decorators are turning to fake wood beams and other faux wood products to create beautiful homes,
inside and out.

Our foam products are computer-cut, which is faster than molding, so production time is faster.
All of our products are “MADE IN THE USA” as opposed to some of our competitors.

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